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NO YEAST ADDED Strawberry Mead

I was pondering the topic of a yeast specific to Strawberry Wine / Mead. Yes I know there are those staunch traditionalists out there, some government members of the EU included, who insist wine can only be called wine if it is made from fermented Grapes. I have even heard some wine snobs emphatically state wine cannot be made from fruit and must be made from grapes... Um, ya ok, need I say more? I won't point out the ignorance of that statement for fear I, too, will be labeled as a wine snob... Ok cider and mead snob.

Anyways, during my search I ran across some posts asking if wine could be made without adding yeast. There were, of course a variety of answers as well as questions. One poster mentioned the apple juice in his childs' sippy cup fermenting after some time under the couch. One respondent said it was probably some kind of yeast in his toddlers' saliva. I think the poor guy is going to have his kid spit in his must to help it ferment "the natural way".

Truth be known, humans were making wine long before the big yeast companies came around. Furthermore, most wine yeasts come from fruit, to begin with. So why then, do certain "Experts" insist proper wine making requires you purchase some commercial yeast package to "make the magic happen." After all, yeast does not turn into alcohol, sugar does. Yes yeast is required to make this happen, but since yeast grows naturally on fruit....

Stay tuned for the details of my current batch of No Yeast added Strawberry Mead. Just a little teaser, I started out with a potential alcohol level of 13.5 % and the batch is currently sitting at a remaining 4%. This. Means there is currently 9.5 % alcohol created without the addition of ANY yeast packages. I plan to harvest the yeast and grow more of it.

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